2023 09 24 - Old Code Found

While resolving a minor problem, and old drive was looked at and some old code was discovered. This code was written as some type of fever dream or drunken rant, obviously brought on by some news report quoting some consulting firm that didn't exactly discuss where their "data" was coming from. Rather entertaining, more info here.

2023 07 10 - Disclaimer

After seeing disclaimers of all sorts on plenty of hacker websites, at hacker conferences in presentations, and security tool sites, we decided to come up with our own disclaimer. Enjoy.

2023 05 08 - AI humbles Simple Nomad

Never ask an AI about yourself. It might answer. More here.

2023 04 04 - Online Anniversary

In 1995, NMRC was formed. But on this day 26 years ago, nmrc.org became a reality. More here.