NMRC Projects

The NMRC Vegas Project
The goal? Release tons of cool tools, info, and rants without interfering with drinking and partying. Quite a project indeed. Full of the high quality and good moral fibre you've come to expect from NMRC.
Hack FAQ
The gathering and pulling together of all current NMRC FAQs into one central FAQ. When complete, it will contain info on the major network operating systems and services offered by these systems, including Unix, NT, and Netware. The Netware and NT Hack FAQs have been integrated, and the Web Hack FAQ is also being integrated. The Unix sections have been started but are sparse, but will be expanded.
To demonstrate to Microsoft and the world what true Information Anarchy is. Proposes that everyone who is involved in security research and supports full disclosure, steps up research efforts and releases those issues that they have been sitting on. Let's flood the security department of every vendor with new issues. Let's show the world what they would miss and what information could just as easily have stayed in the underground rather than be posted.
A file encryptor/decryptor/wiper used for data encryption of files, built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind, especially on shared systems. Not for export to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, or foreign nationals from those countries as well.
A file transfer system that uses the TCP protocol to covertly move data from one system to another. NCovert has two flavors - one with more flexability to bounce the data around, and one that is a little more stealthy in hiding the transmission (it looks like a port scan on a sniffer!).
This is one of the oldest on-going projects at NMRC. Due to lack of resources, it keeps getting put off. However, that is going to change. We have dedicated resources for this project now and expect it to move forward with steady progress. The original idea was to provide a secure environment for the modern hacker-type to call home, which would help protect the privacy and security of the users of the system. In addition, it would provide a portable working environment for the hacker on the go -- easy loading on simple hardware, no-nonsense command-line for uber control, yet usable by most people out of the box.
The goal of Pandora is to provide the tools for the opening of Novell's Netware Directory Services. Once thought to be impervious from prying eyes, Pandora goes where noone outside the red gates of Provo has ventured before -- into the heart of Novell's premier product offering, NDS.
A mail list for the discussion of the intersections of hacking and hacktivism, politics and government, cyberspace and meatspace - all rolled up into one. It is meant as a central location for discussing such things as world events in relationship to technology, proposed legislation and its impact on hackers, and the ever-changing cyber landscape viewed from the security explorer.


A grab-bag of projects that have gone out to pasture...

Burn up drive space on SYS: volume by filling up the SYS$ERR.LOG. About 1MB per minute. Exe and source code by Jitsu-Disk.
A new DSREPAIR.DIB stripping program. Works on Netware 4.x and 5.x DSREPAIR.DIB files. Under 4.x, you can get Login Scripts as well as the License file. EXE for Win32, includes source code.
Distributed ICMP enumerator. Uses ICMP_ECHO, ICMP_TSTAMP, and ICMP_IREQ to enumerate hosts. Many extra features. Written by Simple Nomad. Requires Libnet and libpcap.
Utility that does remote OS identification using 5 ICMP packets only. Obviously will not work well against hosts behind devices that restrict ICMP traffic, but still useful. Many extra features including IP spoofing support. By Simple Nomad.
The poor man's Tripwire. Simple Nomad's scripts for using MD5 to help protect system binaries from unwanted modification.
Panmount for Linux with IPX support. Log into a Netware 4.x or 5.x server with a recovered hash of the password. Includes pre-compiled Linux binary, and the full source code of ncpfs-
By Simple Nomad. TFN2K, the notorious DDoS, uses a password for client/server communications. This utility strips out that from TFN2K binaries.
Yet Another Netware Game. Flood the server and its clients with bogus broadcast packets. Exe and source code by Jitsu-Disk.