April Fools Wrap-Up, 2003

April 1 is the traditional day for pranks and hoaxes. Mother Nature herself is the inspiration for this - in Northern climes, fooling us with warm, springlike days, followed by snow.

The art of pulling off a true April Fools prank lies in how much convincing your subject requires. For example, you could provide proof-of-concept or worse for some vendors, but they've got their heads so far in the sand, they still won't believe there's a risk, while at the same time, reporters who couldn't fact-check their way out of a paper bag write articles about "war in cyberspace". Some people will never be convinced, others are far too willing.

So thanks for being a part of our yearly bullshit detector recalibration. We hope you enjoyed laughing at us just as much we enjoyed laughing at you!

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