Press Release                         Source: Nomad Mobile Research Centre

NMRC Introduces New "Am I Owned?" Service

Sunday June 8, 3:42 am CT

UNDERGROUND BUNKER, June 8 /PR-BS/ -- Nomad Mobile Research Centre, the 
premiere hacking group, is announcing a new service to customers called 
"Am I Owned?", which lets a company or organization learn if they have 
been compromised, or "owned" to use the vernacular of the computer 

"Online threats to businesses are increasing. Between hackers, corporate 
espionage efforts, monitoring, and of course the growing cyber-terrorism 
threats, we feel that this threat can only be met by a group such as NMRC,"
said Simple Nomad, NMRC founder and media whore.

Utilizing a newly developed technology called Intercontinental Reactionary 
Crossreference, NMRC can proactively monitor for signs of intrusions into 
various corporate and government computer systems. Using a unique console 
which allows monitoring and logging of various channels of information 
coursing through the system, NMRC can monitor thousands of sources of 
information around the clock.

This is how the new system works:

 - NMRC members monitor IRC consoles, refered to as "clients", and watch 
the detailed and sophisticated security information flowing by on key 
 - The information is typically encoded using various dialects and a 
series of advanced encryption techniques (e.g. the letter 'o' is 
represented by the number '0'), however NMRC hackers have been trained to 
automatically, intuitively, and in real time completely interpret the 
 - Utilizing a technique known as "idling", multiple IRC channels can be 
monitored simultaneously.
 - Upon spotting references to subscribers' systems being compromised, the 
subscriber is immediately notified. 

NMRC reports that they can access these collection nodes from anywhere, 
including client sites. "An entire global network consisting of hundreds 
of servers and thousands of 'points of information' are at the fingertips 
of NMRC for monitoring," reported Daaihliuh, NMRC's main IRC client coder.

After the initial Phase One of "Am I Owned?" is rolled out, additional 
monitoring modules are expected to be added including an email-based 
monitoring system with two parts called "Basic Underground Group Tracking 
Response And Query" and "Vector Underground Limitless Network With 
Algorithmic Time Check Heuristics", and a web-based monitoring system 
called "General Obfuscation Oscillating Grep Like Engine".

"With NMRC members monitoring IRC, we can learn a lot. But once you bring 
BUGTRAQ, VULNWATCH, and GOOGLE into the picture, there is no limit to the 
value we can bring to a company," said Weasel, a Senior Executive on the 
Owned project.

"We feel that in this climate of anti-Americanism by countries abroad, it 
is simply un-democratic and completely un-American for an American company 
to not be using this service. If you are not using this service, you might 
as well lie down and let terrorists walk all over you. The choice is 
simple -- you are with America, or against it," stated jrandom, technical 
lead for the GOOGLE portion of the Owned project.

"As one of the Canadians represented in NMRC, let me state that it is our 
fondest wish to be involved in protecting American culture and way of 
life, simply because of the riches it has brought our country. Your 
television alone makes it worth it, because any culture that can produce 
such quality shows as 'Cop Rock' and 'Manimal' should be preserved at all 
costs. Our only greater wish is that you make Canada an official state in 
the United States (except for Quebec) and we promise to publicly execute 
Celine Dion," spoke an empassioned hellNbak, Canadian IRC project lead.

The "Am I Owned?" monitoring services are expected to start at $72,000 per 
month and higher, depending upon the size of the company.

For more information on the "Am I Owned?" program, contact NMRC at

In other NMRC news, the group reports it will be featured at both Black Hat
Briefings USA 2003 and DefCon XI in Las Vegas at the end of July. At DefCon
NMRC will be giving a panel discussion and presentation entitled "Free Your 
Mind: The NMRC Info/Warez Panel Presentation", where they will be discussing
new tools, techniques and other items of interest to the hacking community. 
Also at DefCon XI, Inertia will be giving a presentation called 
"Introducing nmrcOS", going into detail about the new NMRC Linux 
distribution. Simple Nomad and Weasel will also be participating in the
"Hacker Court" presentation at Black Hat, and finally Simple Nomad will
be giving a Black Hat talk entitled "Covering Your Tracks" which introduces 
some new tools. For more information on these rare Las Vegas presentations, 
check out
Details about DefCon XI and Black Hat Briefings USA 2003 in general can be 
found at and respectively.

About Nomad Mobile Research Centre

Nomad Mobile Research Centre (NMRC) is a world leader in computer security 
research. Having pioneered hundreds of hacker techniques and released 
thousands of exploits, they regard themselves to be so egotisical that 
they can't even comprehend their own egos, reaching an aloof "zen-like" 
state of security bliss. They are widely regarded as the first hacking 
group to spell the word "Center" as "Centre", implying a worldly 
sophistication that makes the girls (and the guys) swoon at their 
jammed-packed public appearances.