NMRC @ BlackHat and DefCon, 2003

Omigod we had fun. And we promise a complete update from the trip, including pics, incriminating video, and other neat bits of information. Give us a few days to catch up on sleep and get around to uploading things, and you'll get an idea of what we are talking about. We'll have all the tools, tricks, tips, and hoopla posted by the end of the week.

Black Hat
NMRC was all over Black Hat this year. Simple Nomad was on the Qualys panel (where he apparently insulted Mary Ann Davidson) and gave a talk on Ncrypt and Ncovert. Weasel, SN, and Inertia were also involved with Hacker Court. Even Cask3t turned up as the jury forman. More details as we sober up to remember them.
NMRC was all over DefCon as well. From the NMRC panel discussion to Inertia's introduction of nmrcOS, plus various other "incidents" involving the pimpmobile (pics and mpegs coming), we had a lot of fun and made quite a splash. Expect to see lots more here soon. To start with, we've got Sioda's paper, Don't Be A Tool, and Simple Nomad's Rant. We've also got slides from our panel.
We released nmrcOS at DefCon. Look for more about it over the next few days. BTW, the DefCon folk screwed up and did not put the complete ISO on the DC CD (it's around 135mb, not 29mb). The full disk image, contract addresses and mailing list info can be found at nmrcos.nmrc.org.
Hack FAQ
jrandom and Weasel are releasing updates to the Hack FAQ over the next few days. The first round of updates are live! Woohoo!

Last updated 05Aug2003