NMRC (and related) Videos

This is a listing of videos either featuring current NMRC members or older presentations of members while in NMRC. Not all videos are listed (NMRC members have done dozens, if not a couple hundred conference talks), these are probably the better ones.

2020 DEF CON 29: "APT", Simple Nomad

Simple Nomad discusses APT, and uses a real attack by a nation state actor against NMRC assets as his example in the discussion.

2008 ShmooCon 4: "Practical Hacker Crypto", Simple Nomad

Several tools and cryptographic techniques are discussed, but two things make this talk interesting: 1) the concept of "Plausible Deniability Protocol" is detailed, and 2) the Shmooball that Simple Nomad is struck with for not using the word "psuedo" when discussing random number generators was (discovered afterwards) thrown by an NSA employee.

2006 ShmooCon 2: "Hacking the Friendly Skies", Simple Nomad

An odd Wi-Fi bug was found that impacted Windows desktop systems, but it wasn't enough for a full talk, so why not fill the hour with data collected while exploiting the bug? The talk was run by Jennifer Granick ahead of time, who attended the talk. There was concern that the TSA or FAA might take umbrage with the "hacking while airborn" angle, so talk details were not included on the ShmooCon website. Jennifer would have preferred not including the hacking bits, but in the end it all seemed to work out. Bonus: a lot of comedy in the talk, mainly to help fill time. Presentation is below.

2005 DefCon 13: "Pen-Testing the Backbone", Raven

Raven had a talk all planned, then Ciscogate happened and Raven not only rewrote her talk, but needed legal protection/help/advice and both Jennifer Granick and the EFF stepped up front row and center (figuratively and literally). She received one of the few standing ovations that have happened at DefCon. Extremely poor audio for all DefCon 13 talks that year including this one, so apologies in advance. Slides in the Presentation section below.



Compliance: The Enterprise Vulnerability Roadmap

Defcon 16 presentation by Weasel

Attend My Talk And Win A Xbox 360... In Some Other Contest!

Toorcon Seattle 2008 presentation by jrandom

Hacking the Friendly Skies

ShmooCon 2006 presentation by Simple Nomad

Pen-Testing the Backbone

DefCon 2005 presentation by Raven

Free Your Mind: The NMRC Info/Warez Panel

NMRC, DefCon, 2003

Covering Your Tracks: Ncrypt and Ncovert

Simple Nomad, Black Hat, 2003

Network Mapping Techniques

Simple Nomad, DefCon, 2000

Strategies for Defeating Distributed Attacks

Simple Nomad, Black Hat Briefings, 2000



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