Widdershins Mailing List

What It Is

Widdershins is a mail list for the discussion of the intersections of hacking and hacktivism, politics and government, cyberspace and meatspace - all rolled up into one. It is meant as a central location for discussing such things as world events in relationship to technology, proposed legislation and its impact on hackers, and the ever-changing cyber landscape viewed from the security explorer.

To Subscribe:

Send an email, no subject, with the text "subscribe widdershins" (without the quotes) to: majordomo@attrition.org and you will receive a confirmation message to reply to.

To Unsubscribe:

Send an email, no subject, with the text "unsubscribe widdershins" (without the quotes) to: majordomo@attrition.org.

Posting to the List:

Posting to the list is done by sending an email to widdershins@attrition.org. The list is currently unmoderated, and will remain so unless abuses occur. Topics of discussion for the Widdershins list include hacking and hacktivism, technical issues in politics, laws and regulations that impact technology and especially hackers, and even spirituality and technological issues that seem intertwined. Topics that are interesting but probably not appropriate for Widdershins would include reports of web site defacement (unless the victim site is "politically" interesting), reporting of bugs in software ala BugTraq, advertising, and other lame company PR propaganda.

Update 25Oct2001