New @ NMRC

NMRC releases the Compliance: The Enterprise Vulnerability Roadmap PDF presented by weasel at Defcon 16.
NMRC releases the Attend My Talk And Win A Xbox 360... In Some Other Contest! PDF presented by jrandom at Toorcon Seattle.
NMRC releases the Hacking the Friendly Skies ppt presented by Simple Nomad at ShmooCon.
SN releases lame 0day at ShmooCon. HellNBak starts a fight with the Amway convention in the lobby bar, yelling "Amway rules! It is SO NOT a pyramid scheme!" and asking female attendees of the Amway con if they "do anal". Hotel security and police break things up. Sweet. Not all his fault though, others pelted Amway folk with ShmooCon ping pong balls. NMRC so loves ShmooCon.