Contribute to NMRC

Email us first! We are currently changing our shipping address if you wish to ship hardware or mail us a check.

If you are sending stuff to a particular NMRC core member, put ATTN: whoever below the address. Do not send credit card numbers unless you are a complete moron. Any checks or money orders, please make them payable to Simple Nomad until further notice.


Always an excellent method to help out. Projects that are open to contribution will indicate so on their project pages. If you must send sekret eleet stuph, use crypto.



We have a number of exciting projects going on, but we require software and hardware to get them done. Nothing illegal. We have enough problems as it is. Please contact us regarding what software and/or hardware you wish to contribute. Thanks to the people who have paid for and sent us copies of commercial software still in the shrinkwrap, the people who have sent Netware 5 beta software, and the many of you have contributed PCs (especially Brother Ed, the MAN from SAN FRAN). The wish list:



Please send any cash, check, or money order contributions to Simple Nomad. Write first so we know it is coming. This is needed to complete startup costs for the non-profit project. Make it happen, folks!


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