Contact NMRC

Here is information you need regarding who to contact at NMRC, depending on your need.

General Contacts

Information about giving NMRC donations of equipment, cash, and other valuables should go here.
Updates or questions regarding the FAQs available at NMRC.
If you are a media member wishing to contact NMRC.
Report NMRC sightings in the media.
If you wish to use the material on this web site in a book, technical paper, CD-ROM, or mirror on your own web site.
General questions about the web site, broken links, etc.

A note about usage: Many people have used the material from this web site in published works, and while many give credit to NMRC some do not understand that a lot of the material on this web site is compiled from other sources. While you could simply steal the material (which most people do), you could get permission. Our main criteria is that the appropriate people get credit, be it NMRC or the original source. We expect payment of some kind, such as copies of said published items, t-shirts, incense, candles, computer equipment, gift certificates, or even money.

Mailing Lists

Light traffic announcement list that covers web site updates, press releases, warez releases, and other NMRC happenings.
A discussion list hosted by Attrition that covers hacking, hacktivism, and the surrounding politics. Check out the Widdershins page for more information.
Check out the nmrcOS home page for more info on the nmrcOS-related email addresses and mailing lists.

Security Talks

If you wish to have an NMRC member discuss security at your corporation, synagogue, school, or brothel, contact Simple Nomad. He has presented to large corporations and occasionally turns up on the security lecture circuit at conventions. He is also NMRC's biggest whore. Other NMRC members may or may not be available or willing to appear in public, but have been known to do so on occassion.


NMRC does not do consultation per se, unless properly motivated. Individual NMRC members may be willing to consult based upon time schedules and rate of pay. Contact them individually as you see fit. Most business requests are referred to other organizations. Nonetheless, you can still write to us if you feel the project might warrant our involvement.

NMRC Members

Some NMRC members are more willing than others to be contacted. Public keys are available for some. Encryption is encouraged as our site is regularly monitored by various organizations. If you wish encryption, ask a member for their public key or search key servers.