About NMRC

We are a lesson in dichotomy.

NMRC members are male and female, straight and gay, different colors, different religions, or no religion. NMRC members are nerds, social animals, freaks, and yet quite normal. NMRC members are anti-government, have security clearances, pro-gun, anti-gun, alcoholics, non-drinkers, and believe the truth is out there.

We all believe in privacy. We all believe that when given a chance, people will do good more than evil. However we do know that evil is out there, and evil is in the eyes of the beholder.

However we operate under the moniker of "hacker" which is a loaded and emotional name that brings up images that are everything from romantic to diabolical. In a way this is an isolating division that by all intensive purposes separates us from the "mainstream" and places us out on the fringe of society. But we move and live within society just fine, although the view from the edge does give us a slightly better perspective on the true nature of things.

This website is labeled "criminal content" by a number of web filtering companies. We have been labeled black hats by some, white hats by others. We have friends on both sides of the fence. We do not care about your idea of hat color. We are all hackers, and we happily accept your scorn, admiration, insults, money, pity, sadness, remorse in knowing us, thankfulness in not knowing us, hatred, love, and whatever else you throw or not throw at us.

We believe in truth. We believe in full disclosure. We (at least the NMRC members in the U.S.) believe that the Constitution of the United States is one of the grandest documents ever written. God/Goddess bless all of us hackers. So mote it be.