Plausible Deniability ToolKit

We can only hope you are viewing this via Tor. Once you are done, clear your browser cache. Reading about Plausible Deniability should not be crime, but unfortunately having done so could be considered circumstantial evidence that could be used against you.

The Plausible Deniability Toolkit is not a set of tools to download, but a set of ideas and philosophies to adapt to protect your privacy in an ever-increasingly scary world of eroding personal rights. The "hacker defense" rarely works, even if it is the truth! Remember, the work you do as a researcher and hacker might be legal today, but illegal in the future. Prepare now.

DefCon 14 Presentation

This idea was first proposed at DefCon 14 during a talk on Saturday August 5, 2006. The slides are available here.


Here are some related links to what was discussed during the presentation:


Last updated 7Aug2006