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...the SATAN of Netware...

Welcome to the official Pandora home page. Pandora is a project that was developed by Simple Nomad and sponsored by the Nomad Mobile Research Centre. The goal of Pandora is to provide the tools for the opening of Novell's Netware Directory Services. Once thought to be impervious from prying eyes, Pandora goes where noone outside the red gates of Provo has ventured before -- into the heart of Novell's premier product offering, NDS.

That, and Pandora is just a cool name for some simple hacking tools.

What is Pandora?

Pandora is a set of tools for hacking, intruding, and testing the security and insecurity of Novell Netware. It works on versions 4 and 5. Pandora consists of two distinct sets of programs -- an "online" version and an"offline" version. Pandora Online is intended to be used for direct attack against a live Netware 4 or 5 server. Pandora Offline is intended to be used for password cracking after you have obtained copies of NDS.

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Pandora Status

Jitsu-Disk and Simple Nomad have completed Pandora v4.0 Beta 2.1. General features include:

Offline features:

Online features:

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Open Issues/To Do List with Pandora v4.0 Beta 2.1

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Included with Pandora, Inside NDS is the research project official "notes". It details how NDS is put together, and how some of the Pandora utilities work.

Other Pandora documentation:

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The most exciting page of all, the Download page.From here, you can snarf a copy of the latest version of Pandora, documentaion, and full source code.

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The entire NMRC team would like to thank the following people for their assistance and inspiration:

Cool programming resources used in Pandora (useful for those "single source code, multiple OS target platform projects" you might be working on):

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