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The Nomad Mobile Research Centre FAQ

 1. When did NMRC start?
NMRC started in 1995, its projects include computers, art, music, 
politics, and photography. Most of the computer projects involve 

 2. Isn't NMRC just Simple Nomad?
It used to be. But as the projects grew, so did the need to bring in
additional people. Simple Nomad knew of a few hackers that wanted to
contribute to the "cause" but did not want to give up their privacy
in the process. NMRC provides a secure outlet for these hacking
talents, and these hackers get to work on projects they really enjoy.

 3. Can I join NMRC?
No. NMRC is a closed organization. Currently there are 17 members with
no desire to add to more of them.

 4. Who are current NMRC members?
They are:

            Anonpoet [anonpoet at]
              Cask3t [cask3t at] 
            Cyberiad [cyberiad at]
           Daaihliuh [daaihliuh at] 
  Grace Clovia Terre [grace at]
            hellNbak [hellnbak at]
             Inertia [inertia at]
             Jericho [jericho at]
             jrandom [jrandom at]
   MadHat Unspecific [madhat at]
              Maniac [maniac at]
        Phuzzy L0gik [phzy at]
             Rat Toe [rat_toe at]
               Raven [raven at]
           Ring Zero [ringzero at]
        Simple Nomad [thegnome at] [PGP Key]
  Sioda an Cailleach [sioda at]
            Tanshiai [tanshiai at]
              Weasel [weasel at]
Feel free to contact any of them. 

 5. Can I have an account on NMRC?
Accounts are restricted to NMRC members and very special friends only.

 6. Can I advertise on NMRC's web site?
No. What banners that appear there were placed there on a whim, or because
we thought people might find interesting, or for friends.

 7. Will you come and consult for me/my company?
Not as NMRC, per se. Several NMRC members work as consultants and do such
things as code review, pen tests, forensics, etc. so just start asking if you
are really curious.

 8. Will you do an interview for zzz?
Many NMRC members have done interviews and been quoted in the press. Feel 
free to contact any NMRC member and ask.

 9. I believe in what you do. How can I help NMRC?
NMRC used to take donations of hardware and software, but this has
basically given us a shitload of old hardware are software we don't
need anymore. You can help by sending us 0day sploits and the inside
dirt on your crappy software manufacturer employer hiding holes in
computer software.

10. How come NMRC didn't respond to my email?
Probably because we currently get a large amount of mail per day. All
mail used to be answered but the volume has increased to ridiculous
levels. Any email that can be answered in a faq or in a manual or is
a basic question will more than likely be deleted. We will answer
non-newbie questions as we can. Any suggestions regarding corrections
and inaccuracies contained within NMRC's web site will certainly
be addressed.

11. How do I hack zzz's system?
Read the faqs first. Then start reading administrator's manuals,
usenet, mailing lists, etc. We don't have time to teach hacking.
If you write us with something like this, this, this, this and 
this, then don't expect a reply.

12. Will you hack zzz's system for me?
No. Please do it yourself. And no, you can't pay us to take YOUR
risks for you.

13. There is this person harassing me in irc/email/usenet. Can you 
    stop them?
Well, we probably could, but then this seems to be YOUR personal
problem, not ours.

14. I will trade you passwords/cracks/sploits for zzz.
You would not believe how many times we have been offered passwords
to porn sites or warez for info. Sorry, but no thanks. We'll take the
sploits though. Can never have enough of those.

15. Can you crack zzz for me?
No. we don't crack software. The most common request for cracks is
a crack for Netware. Folks, both Novell and Microsoft have 
contacted us expressing concern about what we do (both have offered
employment in exchange for silence) so we have no reason to start
drawing even more attention to our work. Regardless of feelings and
opinions, pirating software is illegal -- what we're doing now is
fortunately protected by the Constitution of the U.S. and we have
no reason to give companies a REAL excuse to break down our door.

16. Will you write a faq about zzz?
Hey, here's an idea -- write it yourself! We're kind of up to our
eyeballs in projects already.

17. I got this passwd file. What does (some techno thing) mean?
Basic questions are ignored, but sending us copies of illegally
obtained stuff is stupid. Every once in a while some idiot does
this, and we reply back how we do not engage in illegal activites 
so in case the mail is being sniffed by "the man" they might not 
blame us. If you must ask detailed questions, please use PGP.

Last Updated 20Mar2005