The Hack FAQ

32.0 Hacker Resources

This section contains information regarding resources for hackers.

32.1 What are some security-related WWW locations?




32.2 What are some security-related Usenet groups?

Tons o' newsgroups....

Security in general:

Web stuff:

NT Security:

NT in general:

Netware Security:

Netware in general:

Microsoft's newsgroups:

32.3 What are some security-related mailing lists?

Most of the security mailing lists (including Bugtraq) are operated by SecurityFocus. You can sign up for 'em here.

For suggestions outside of SecurityFocus' offerings, browse through the multi-list archives at, Neohapsis, and The Aims Group.

32.4 What are some other FAQs?

There is also the Computer Security Index, allegedly a list of every FAQ for every Usenet security group, but the majority may be outdated.

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